‘Hurley Wax’ is a ballad to a late night drinking factory worker who finds himself heading into the great blue yonder.


Late last night just before the light, my rusty rig and I took flight and sailed up o’er the morning grass; rocks and blood and bones and glass. There I died, my body torn; my wife and kids left back to mourn. They took some thing that were dearly mine and built me a sad little standing shrine by the side of the road: brass box and clover, red earth turned in mourning over. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. There’s my soul rising up from the blood and the rust. Straighten this road that I’ve been winding, remove these regrets I’ve been finding. Soothe each soul wound into me. Brave those too and set them free. But give mine now a chance to rest. I made mistakes but I did my best. Help me feel so not alone. Take me now, I’m sure I’m coming Home! I’m coming Home!


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010



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Veronica Denver, Colorado

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