Kawasaki Dirt Bike

from by Veronica



‘Kawasaki Dirt Bike’ is a song about a friendly late night trip across Tokyo on the back of a Kawasaki dirt bike (and subsequently in a fast Toyota truck).


Five AM was ringin‘ papa san calling “come on over”! “You’ve got gigs from Nagasaki all the way through Tokyo”. Little slippers on the jumbo JAL they showed Columbo. He met me at Hanaeda out on the tar, but he didn’t have a car so I rode through neon drinking sake on the backseat of his Kawasaki. And I got burned by the tailpipe of his Kawasaki dirt bike. Yeehooo!
Tokyo and ‘oh, my soul’ roses printed on a bowl. Spikes of light through the covered porch, midnight dinner by a torch. Mama san with a plate of plums, lets see it all before the daylight comes! I had noodles in the dark under the stars over Hibaya park. So many lights it looks just like the sea. Golden dragon watching over me. I touched the fat stone buddha just for luck. Joy Riding! Fast Toyota truck! Otemachi! Black Toyota truck. Uchikanda! Black Toyota truck. Nagatacho! Black Toyota truck. Ichibancho! Black Toyota truck. Otemachi.


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010



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Veronica Denver, Colorado

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