‘Rattle’ I wish I had a rattle like a rattle snake.


I need a rattle. That I can shake before I break, you know I get tired of being awake. I need a rattle. I’m short of breath inside these years, ride it out pin back my ears and rattle. Laugh and cry spit in my eye, crash this body through the high. Dress myself in madder rose and mayflower leaves in mortal pose. No one’s watching, I don’t matter. So I need a rattle. That I can on and on while its all gone; all broke down across the dawn and rattled! Bottle tired and powder old when does this ink turn into gold it rattles! Shed your soul freak out your mind turning you out from the rind. Dress yourself in gaining vine; pelt of glamour sheltered blind. No one’s watching, they won’t mind. So I need a rattle. I need a rattle.


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010



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Veronica Denver, Colorado

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