'Summer' is about Ted Bundy and the Son of Sam taking my youth (and my summer) away.


‘Hello from the gutters of New York City’. Where lover’s memories and kisses all get washed away. No he’s not sleeping, he’s pacing like the dog next door. The ‘Duke of Death’ the ‘Wicked Wicker’ he’s gonna come around once more. Crutches in the parking lot; handcuffs in the back seat. The ‘Cold Hearted, True Deceiver’ clutching up his own conceit. Jumping from the second story, running through the aspen leaves. He’s running, he’s running, he’s running through my summer. Don’t take my summer! It’s my summer!
So I’m ten years old getting along, I don’t don’t understand it all at all. But everything is cul-de-sacs and summer tar and stars and all. But I see these faces every day, staring back from black and grey. Taking my imagination and my innocence away. So I brace myself for the darkness now its coming and I race myself into the corner of the closet. And I see his friendly twisted face outside of my window, now I’m running, I’m running, I’m running. Don’t take my summer! Its my summer!


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010



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Veronica Denver, Colorado

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