Allison and Andrew

from by Veronica



'Allison and Andrew' is a kind but cautious tale about the personification (and murderous tendencies) of cars and hurricanes.


Take in a breath, you know you’re only a monkey; 98% of you: same as a chimpanzee. All of your senses and your confusing emotions ain’t nothing compared to them humungous oceans. Stand by the breaks, feel the waves bringing it in from the center of the sea. And if the earth has lungs, these are they. Grass gettin’ flooded ‘cause the rain won’t stop. Worms keep sneakin’ under the backyard gate (ha ha); out onto the driveway all over the sidewalk; headlamps of the car staring them down. Maybe its smiling but that looks like a frown, does it have a soul; there’s know way you could know. But it sure feels like it when you’re driving it around you know it’s brain isn’t anything, isn’t anything. You know it ain’t nothing when it sits still. Steel, its only steel. So what would it matter if it could say it? “Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill”!
Eyes like magnets to the circle on the screen. The circle is a head and the head is saying something. It’s saying, “Gods light is in everything. Even in the snakes and the liars and the fakes.” But there’s something in the way he moves his lips and his tongue that tell you he has no idea what he’s saying. All alone fragile soul like a glass thrown into the air which holds nothing but water. So why do we name them, ‘Allison and Andrew’.
Gigantic and gentle when they are still. Demons riding in on the chill. So what would it matter if they could say it? “Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill”!


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010
Drums: John Call
Guitars and Vocals: Ted Thacker
Guitars and Vocals: Andrew Koch.



all rights reserved


Veronica Denver, Colorado

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