'Frederick' is an ode to death (Frederick Smith's from the MC5 to be exact), wherein Patty Smith (his more famous wife) finds him at port authority after his death and they dance barefoot in the streets to a waltz played by the late great Johnny Thunders. It wakes up all New York. (references also in this song to the Replacements).


Frederick went to heaven and they pierced his fucking ears. Laced him up in velveteen and threw away his years. They said: “Now you’ve got your reigns, you can go where you want to”. All he could think about was Manhattan. New york city yeah its cool when its dark. But he had wings made of silver and spark. Now he had the keys to anyplace he could haunt. Downtown or uptown or right on Central Park. Frederik took a breath as he stepped of of the cloud onto a gleaming crystal stairway leading down into the crowd. 42nd Street, it was bustling with cops but as he walked through port authority he didn’t even stop. Patty was waiting at the end of the hall. She held out her hand, they began to fall. They floated like they had feathers under their feet and they began to dance in the middle of the street. And they danced barefoot and spinning under a gleaming chandelier. Because the night, had brought out the stars: light streamed down from up above. Then the heavens brought out TH-Thunders! and he played a waltz that woke up all New York. Hey!


from Emerging From Troubled Days, released November 15, 2010



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Veronica Denver, Colorado

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